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Offbeat Accommodations

These days when we travel, we seldom stay in any hotel. As we usually do, we want to rent an apartment rather than stay in a hotel. This has worked out for us so well up to now. We enjoy the feeling of “living there” — food shopping, daily routines, and so on.

Our favorite was maybe our first apartment in Paris. Tucked in a quiet courtyard, our apartment had views of the garden below and the tile roofs. In Spain we stayed in an ancient cottage partially carved into the mountainside. We got our exercise there. In Montreal, another great one! The Seattle apartment was quite functional and convenient; cheaper than the hotel and closer to the conference.

We are excited by our upcoming visit to New Zealand. For part of the trip we will be staying on a sheep farm and we have just learned that the owners have two orphaned sheep and two orphaned goats. They are happy to let us help feed them. For two people from the city, this will be quite a new experience.